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If you are reading this, my guess is you’ve felt alone at some part in your life. Maybe it’s right now…

Let me ask you a couple of questions:

  • Do you feel you have massive potential but don’t know how to execute on it?

  • Do you tell yourself you don’t have time or that you are too busy to do the things you really want to do?

  • Do you feel there’s apart of you that’s missing but you can’t put your finger on it?

  • Do you lack the focus and the consistency necessary to get everything accomplished?

  • Is your mental health suffering from the people you surround yourself with or the thoughts you have?

  • Do you fear other’s opinions of you if you would go all in on what you truly want to do in this life?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you are definitely not alone. My mission is to create a massive dent in the mental health crisis that faces our world today through health and business coaching. I don’t just mean anxiety and depression. I mean the FEAR that 95% of people allow to rule their lives. I spent the better part of 7 years letting FEAR dictate my actions. I knew I had something inside of me but it was locked away.

I can’t explain with words yet the feeling that you need to know something but you don’t and don’t know where to go to learn it. It feels like emptiness. Like a puzzle piece is missing to make the picture whole. I lacked self awareness. I lacked an ultimate vision and why for myself. I lacked solid habits and routines that aided me. Without these, I believe it’s impossible to be an elite performer.

After undergrad, I moved out to Long Island. This would play a pivot role in my understanding of the world. I worked at a private golf club for 3 years, surrounded by America’s 1%. I don’t have to tell you how different this was to me growing up in a small town in Ohio. My understanding of wealth lacked severely until this moment in my life. Spending time with my members, I started to understand why they became so successful.

  • They had laser focus on what they were doing even in a relaxed atmosphere.

  • They learned constantly because they had extensive knowledge about many different topics.

  • They had this energy and enthusiasm for the world and carried themselves with this presence.

  • They clearly executed on their goals and dreams and overcame their fears and uncertainties.

One time, I had a member come into the clubhouse and say, “Kyle! I figured it out! I figured out putting!” I responded with, “If that is the case, do you have a caddy lined up yet for when you go on tour?” If this man could putt perfectly, he’d take the Tour by storm! Obviously he didn’t figure it out completely but there is a lesson here I’ve come to realize now with everything I’ve learned. He practiced so much, he gained the confidence in himself to BELIEVE he had figured it out. BELIEF is where it all starts. I want you to pause for a second and take inventory of the beliefs in yourself. Do you truly believe you can have everything you want in life?

After this started the darkest point of my life. I knew hospitality and golf club management wasn’t for me long term. I moved back in with my parents at age 25 and applied for grad schools in sport psychology. When I received the final rejection letter from the 3 schools I had applied to, my heart sank. I began to question my choices of leaving the golf club and pursuing something else. I didn’t understand what I did wrong. This was my first real encounter with failure.

I wanted to give up right then and there. Try another path because clearly this one wasn’t for me. Who am I to chase after what I truly want? Maybe I’ll never be truly happy. If this is you, stay with me. There’s a happy ending. I would later learn that this was lesson in life I would never forget.

I decided one day to listen to a podcast by the pool instead of a George Strait song. I’d never listened to a podcast and didn’t really know what it was at the time. I typed in sport psychology, hoping to get back into the swing of the information. What followed after this changed the course of my life forever. His name was Niyi Sobo, a former NFL running back for the New Orleans Saints. His podcast, The Sports Motivation Podcast, rewired my brain. This may seem over the top or I’m exaggerating, but I’m not. He shed light on aspects of life that would have stayed in the shadows forever. I binged on every episode and started to believe in something new. I truly started to believe in myself.

That wasn’t enough though. I knew there would be more to this story. I didn’t know what the law of attraction or divine intervention was yet, but I had this feeling. A feeling that I would get to meet and talk to the person who changed my life. I can’t make up the fact I was looking through my spam folder one day for no reason. I came across an email titled, “I need an army.” He was looking for interns to help grow his company. Old me, before the podcast, would not have applied. What do I have to offer this guy? What could I possibly contribute? The new me mustered up the courage to send him my resume and a video (10th try was the charm). I anxiously waited to hear back. This was the first time I felt I took a real chance. And it paid off.

I became an intern for I’m Not You for 6 months. I can’t describe the amount I learned in that 6 months. After the 6 months, I became the producer of the Sports Motivation and Get Ya Mind Right podcasts. The very podcast that turned my life around is the one I got to listen to before anyone else and have a hand in content creation. This is when I saw with my own eyes how ACTIONS leads to RESULTS.

From there, I became Niyi’s assistant and back end manager. Clickfunnels, customer support, email marketing, systems builder. I did it all. While I’ve been working in media on and off for 10 years, this was a different animal. I needed to understand branding, copywriting, sequencing, back end system accountability, social media marketing, influencer reach out, all while going to grad school by the way (left that part out I apologize. I'll explain more in the next paragraph). To do all of this well, I and we as a company needed a strong why along with habits and routines to keep us thriving. Before I left, I was able to coach our clients as well and fell in love with it. Seeing people improve over a 6 month program is truly rewarding.

Along with learning about the online business world, I was attending Bowling Green for my masters in Kinesiology (study of the body and mind basically). From physiology, psychology, research, statistics, nutrition, and counseling courses, I began to understand from an evidence based perspective what it took for humans to thrive. This is when my coaching and business philosophies were born and bred.

All of this has led to what you are looking at now. A company and brand dedicated to creating and serving elite performers. I want to make you an elite performer and if you are still reading this, a part of you knows you want this for yourself too. I know what it takes to succeed long term and I want to show you how. The only question is: how long are you willing to put up with being less than who you are meant to be?

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